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August half time

This month has been a rather quiet month, with the new job and some new hobbies, my enthusiasm for my sites kind of slowed, add to this the fact that my hosting has been temperamental with my sites virtually collapsing on a regular basis all month for up to half an hour at a time several times a day, i think i may have ‘missed a trick’ in terms of earning additional commission, which is a real shame, last month i took in £164 at the end of the month, with a target to get £250 this month, given the results, i don’t think i’ll be hitting the target, i might even get less than July, still, apparently august is a quiet month, but it can be disheartening. I’m really hoping to up the ante on my affiliate marketing, if i can earn £2000 a month from affiliate marketing i will be over the moon, that would prove to me that i’ve got what it takes to be and affiliate. anyways, here’s the results for august so far.
aw £7.02
google £95.81
skimlinks £0.42
amazon £2.17
based on this my target of £250 a month still stands till i hit it.

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  1. Hi, no update for a while! Hows things going? Hope you have been busy in the run up to Christmas.

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